Q: What’s Featured on My Episode of “The American Dream”?

My guest spot on “The American Dream” will tell you what you need to know about lakeside living. 

I was proud to be featured on the latest episode of “The American Dream,” and today I’ll show you that episode in full. The theme of this episode is growth, and I shared my story as a real estate agent. I also spoke with some top-notch industry experts.

First, I sit down with our team’s very own Jessica LaForce to give you the inside scoop on all things Lake Livingston. After that, I was joined by mortgage loan expert Dixie Sanders to explain how owning a lakeside retreat is easier than you think. Lastly, luxury listing agent Aaron Sonnier and I checked out a great luxury property for sale on Lake Livingston that I’m excited for you to see. To see more episodes of The American Dream,” follow this link. 

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