How To Get the Most From Selling Your Land

Three tips that will help you sell your Texas land for the most money.

With ample job opportunities and great affordability, more and more buyers have seen how amazing it is to live in Houston. People have been flocking to the area in droves, especially since COVID hit. Among those buyers, we’ve had a lot of people from out of state coming into Texas to buy land and build homes and businesses. The demand for available plots has been extreme.

If you’re planning to sell your land, here are three things you can do to get the most money possible from your sale:

1. Make it accessible. Many parcels and tracts of land are off the beaten path, covered by shrubbery at the end of a rough dirt road. If you want buyers to be interested in your property, you need to make it accessible before you even list it. People will judge whether they want to look closer at the property based solely on its photos.

2.Make it build-ready. There have been a lot of developers coming to Texas recently; it’s a lot cheaper to develop here than in many other areas of the nation. Making your land build-ready could include bringing in electricity, water, sewer, and/or drainage systems, as well as clearing it of trash and debris. Developers often spend months getting a plot of land ready, so having these things taken care of will make your listing more attractive to them.

"Those who have land to sell could be sitting on huge profit potential."

3. Get your entitlements in order. If your land is going to be purchased by a developer who wants to put in a subdivision, those plans can sometimes take six months to get down. You might not necessarily sell to a developer, but it will make things easier to have all your information in order ahead of time, regardless.

If you’re a land owner who’s thinking about selling, give me a call or send me an email. Our team can help you figure out how much yours is worth and develop a strategy to get you top dollar. Hope to hear from you soon!

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